Establishing and documenting the biological father of a child may be an important step for everyone involved. As a mother, you may want to hold the father accountable to his obligation to pay child support and have other important goals driven by the welfare of your son or daughter. As a man, you may want a definitive answer as to whether you fathered a child and to exercise your right to a parental relationship. As a father, The law is constantly changing and it is important to know and assert your rights so that you are not prevented from seeking them in the future whether it is support, custody and visitation, or DNA testing.

Client Reviews
"I highly recommend Julia! Divorce can be so stressful and she explained all the steps to divorce and made sure I understood. She also made sure I received spousal support and my attorneys fees paid by the other party. If money is an issue she and her husband will work with you regarding payment plans. She replies promptly to all emails and calls and her personality is just icing on the cake." Aide Y.
"Julia has been there every step of the way throughout the whole process. She is thorough, attention to details, prompt and very professional. She had made my process so much easier. I highly recommend her." Erin T.